A New Beginning – Tech Charts Service


Dear Tech Charts followers,

The Tech Charts blog started back in 2011 as a platform to share ideas and connect with like-minded analysts and traders from around the world.  And writing publicly about the markets has kept me motivated, structured, and focused on my technical analysis and trading.

In recent years, more and more traders and investors have gained access to global equity markets through either ETFs or directly via their broker accounts. This expanded access has allowed me to multiply my search for classical charting opportunities in the global equity space.

Besides finding global equity market opportunities for its readers, the Tech Charts blog focuses on breakouts from well-defined chart patterns.   My goal has always been to provide readers with developing (via watch-lists) chart pattern set-ups in the global equity markets and alerts when breakout signals occur.  For many over the past years, I’m frequently told this site provides them with a great source of education and a place for actionable trade ideas utilizing classical charting principles.

What started as a blog site has quickly turned into a site with many thousands of followers.  With expanded readership and expanded content, supporting this site has become a significant endeavor for me.  Which is why I’m excited to announce that on May 22nd, Tech Charts will be launching a membership service to allow me to continue supporting this site and provide even more great content.

The goal is not get rich off the service, only the fair compensation of my time and to help support my young family.  Therefore, you can expect a Founding Member for an entire year to be priced at very reasonable levels.   Premium access will consist of a weekly, detailed global equity report, frequent breakout signals as the develop, a live member Q&A, and a lot of educational content via white papers and videos that are currently in development.

I am excited and looking forward to the next chapter of Tech Charts.  I am ready for the challenge and I will be working tirelessly to earn your respect and loyalty.  If you’re not on our free email list, please sign up to stay informed on our progress using the form within the right sidebar.  I sincerely hope you will consider joining me on this journey and I want to thank you for following this blog.



Aksel Kibar (CMT)