WTI CRUDE OIL and BRENT CRUDE OIL prices are developing bullish chart patterns. Year-long inverse H&S chart patterns are close to completion. Both WTI Crude and Brent Crude are challenging their necklines. For Brent Crude oil the year-long horizontal resistance stands at $52 levels. For WTI, the neckline stands at $50 levels. Breakout above the strong resistances can push prices towards $70 levels in the following months. $70 is the possible H&S bottom price target.

WTI CRUDE OIL weekly scale price chart

WTI CRUDE OIL weekly scale price chart

BRENT CRUDE OIL weekly scale price chart

BRENT CRUDE OIL weekly scale price chart

Similar bullish technical outlook can be identified on several equities in the energy sector and energy related exchange traded funds. Below are some of the equities from Tech Charts watchlist. Note: According to Edwards & Magee a breakout is confirmed when a stock records a daily close above the resistance by 3% margin. Levels on the charts below take this guideline into consideration.

OMV AG an Austria based integrated oil and gas company forms a year-long symmetrical triangle. Stock has been challenging the upper boundary of its consolidation. Breakout above 26.5 levels should generate fresh chart pattern breakout signal.


CHINA OIL & GAS Group limited is a Hong Kong based investment holding company principally engaged in natural gas and energy-related businesses. A decisive close above 0.65 will confirm breakout from year-long H&S chart pattern.


PREMIER OIL is an independent exploration and production company with oil and gas interests in the North Sea, South East Asia, Pakistan, the Falkland Islands and Latin America. The company is engaged in the business of upstream oil and gas exploration and production. Since the beginning of May 2016 the stock has been forming a rectangle (continuation) chart pattern with the boundaries between 59.75 and 80.35. A decisive close above 82.40 will confirm breakout from the 6 month-long rectangle chart pattern.


CANYON SERVICES GROUP provides stimulation and fluid management services to oil and gas exploration and production companies operating in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The company’s segments include Pressure Pumping Services and Fluid Management Services. Price chart of the, Toronto Stock Exchange listed Canyon Services has a text-book H&S bottom chart pattern. Year-long base formation has a horizontal resistance (neckline) at 5.87 levels. A decisive close above 6.05 will confirm breakout from the year-long H&S bottom.


HALLIBURTON COMPANY is a provider of services and products to the upstream oil and natural gas industry. Price chart of the U.S. energy stock formed an inverted triangle with the horizontal boundary standing at 46.85 levels. Over the past 4 months, the resistance was tested 3 times. Breakout above 48.30 levels will complete the multi month consolidation.


LAREDO PETROLEUM is an independent energy company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of oil and natural gas properties, and the transportation of oil and natural gas from such properties primarily in the Permian Basin in West Texas. Price chart of Laredo Petroleum is forming a year-long H&S bottom with the neckline standing at 13.70 levels. A decisive close above 14.15 levels will confirm breakout from the bullish base formation.


HELIX ENERGY is an international offshore energy services company. The company provides services to the offshore energy industry with a focus on well intervention and robotics operations. Price chart of HELIX ENERGY formed a 5 month-long symmetrical triangle. Breakout is underway with the strong weekly close of last week’s price action.


GEOSPACE TECHNOLOGIES CORP designs and manufactures instruments and equipment used in the oil and gas industry to acquire seismic data in order to locate, characterize and monitor hydrocarbon producing reservoirs. GEOSPACE TECHNOLOGIES formed a year-long H&S bottom with the neckline standing at 19 levels. A decisive close above 20 levels will confirm breakout from the multi-month bullish chart pattern.


ISHARE GLOBAL ENERGY ETF is an exchange traded fund listed in the NYSE. The price chart of the energy ETF has a similar year-long H&S bottom with the neckline standing at 33.15 levels. A decisive close above 34.10 will confirm breakout from the multi-month base formation. The right shoulder of the H&S bottom can be identified as a rectangle with the boundaries standing at 30.50 and 33.15.




Over the past two weeks, global equity markets rebounded from strong support levels. Last two week’s recovery came after the S&P 500’s pull back to its long-term support level at 2,125 levels. Long-term charts of S&P 500 index and a broader representation of global equity market performance, the MSCI ALL COUNTRIES WORLD INDEX, possibly completed a re-test of the broken resistance/support levels. Once a resistance is cleared it becomes support and vice versa.

S&P 500 index, a benchmark for large cap US equities broke out of a year-long sideways consolidation in mid-July. After reaching 2,193 levels in mid-August, the index pulled back to test the broken resistance at 2,125 levels. Both the year-long upward trend line and the horizontal support held well and the index rebounded without any technical damage to the long-term trend. Unless the markets reverse once again to challenge the support at 2,125 levels, we will claim the latest price action was a pullback and is likely to be followed by a resumption of the long-term uptrend.

Monthly scale price chart of S&P 500 index

Monthly scale price chart of S&P 500 index

Weekly scale price chart of S&P 500 index

Weekly scale price chart of S&P 500 index

MSCI ALL COUNTRIES WORLD INDEX captures large and mid cap representation across 23 Developed Markets and 23 Emerging Markets countries. With 2,481 constituents, the index covers approximately 85% of the global investable equity opportunity set. Please note that iShares has an MSCI ACWI ETF that seeks to track the MSCI ALL COUNTRIES WORLD INDEX.

In mid-July MSCI ACWI, similar to S&P 500 index, completed a significant chart pattern. A year-long H&S continuation chart pattern was completed with a breakout above 410 levels. Since then the index possibly completed a pull back to the neckline of the H&S chart pattern. Last week’s sharp reversal increased the likelihood of a continuation towards 443 levels. Unless the index reverses to challenge the support at 405 levels, we will identify the latest price action as a pullback that is likely to be followed by a resumption of the long-term uptrend.

Monthly scale price chart of MSCI ACWI

Monthly scale price chart of MSCI ACWI

Weekly scale price chart of MSCI ACWI

Weekly scale price chart of MSCI ACWI

If global equity indices mentioned above resume their uptrends, we are likely to see fresh new highs on several individual securities. Financial media usually pays attention to 52 week highs as a measure of security’s strength. There is even a better way to look at this; all-time highs. It is usually difficult for investors to buy stocks that are reaching their all-time highs. But usually the most promising part of an uptrend starts when a stock moves into uncharted territory in other words all-time highs. Below are some of the stocks on my watch-list that are likely to breakout to all-time highs and some that are likely to record 52 week highs. These stocks formed clear bullish chart patterns with identifiable horizontal boundaries. Breakouts will not only complete the chart patterns but also will push the stocks to all time highs and 52 week highs.





















Chinese equities might be on the verge of a strong breakout. This week’s price action pushed the SSE 50 Index to the horizontal resistance at 2,225 levels. Since the beginning of 2016, SSE 50 has been recording higher lows, a bullish signal. Another week of strong price action can clear the 8 month-long resistance and push the index towards 2,500 levels. Volatility is low both on the daily and weekly charts suggesting a trend period might develop after a decisive breakout.



There are several bullish chart set-ups in Hong Kong listed securities. I share below some of the clear chart patterns that are likely to resolve on the upside if we see a breakout on the Chinese benchmark equity index.


MGM CHINA formed a year-long H&S bottom, a bullish reversal chart pattern, with the neckline standing at 12.20 levels. Breakout above 12.20 can push the stock higher to test 17-18 area.


TONGDA GROUP formed a year-long ascending triangle, a bullish continuation chart pattern, with the strong horizontal resistance standing at 1.69. Breakout above 1.69 can push prices towards 2.0 levels.


PING AN is now testing the horizontal resistance at 38.80. Stock closed slightly above the resistance. However, this week’s price action will confirm the breakout. Another strong weekly close will complete the multi-month base formation.

Note: According to Edwards and Magee, a daily close above the resistance by a 3% margin is required to confirm a breakout. I follow this approach to confirm a breakout.



In the first few months of 2016, strong performance in Gold and Silver resulted in a sharp rally in precious metal stocks. Several oversold gold and silver mining companies had strong performance over the past few months. Similar bullish theme can take place in the basic materials and energy complex. Some of the commodities in the industrial metals and energy group are in the process of forming major long-term bottoms. The same bullish chart set ups can also be seen in the equities of basic materials and energy companies.


WTI LIGHT CRUDE is possibly forming a H&S bottom with the neckline standing at $50 levels. This chart is still at the early stages of a H&S formation. A few more weeks of strength will complete the right shoulder of a year-long base formation.


Formerly known as Dow Jones-UBS Industrial Metals Subindex Total Return (DJUBINTR), the index is a commodity group subindex of the Bloomberg CITR. The index is composed of longer-dated futures contract s on aluminum, copper, nickel and zinc. It reflects the return on fully collateralized futures positions and is quoted in USD. This chart has possibly completed a H&S bottom and currently consolidating above the neckline.


Formerly known as Dow Jones-UBS Aluminum Subindex Total Return (DJUBALTR), the index is a single commodity subindex of the Bloomberg CI composed of futures contracts on Aluminum. It reflects the return of underlying commodity futures price movements only and is quoted in USD. The neckline of the year-long base formation stands at 28.20 levels.


NMDC Limited is an India-based company engaged in the mining of iron ore. The Company’s business segments include Iron Ore and Other minerals & services. The Company is also engaged in the exploration of various minerals, including copper, rock phosphate, lime stone, dolomite, gypsum, bentonite, magnesite, diamond, tin, tungsten, graphite and beach sands. A perfect horizontal resistance (neckline) stands at 105 levels. Breakout above this level will complete a year-long base formation.


Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) is a natural resource company with a portfolio of mineral assets, and oil and natural gas resources. The Company’s segments include the Morenci, Cerro Verde, Grasberg and Tenke Fungurume copper mines, the Rod & Refining operations and the U.S. Oil & Gas Operations. It has organized its operations into five primary divisions: North America copper mines, South America mining, Indonesia mining, Africa mining and Molybdenum mines. This is another perfect example of a year-long H&S bottom with the neckline standing at 14.20 levels. Breakout above 14.20 will be bullish and possibly target 25 levels.


Technip SA (Technip) is engaged in project management, engineering and construction for the energy sector. The Company operates through two segments: Subsea, Onshore/Offshore and Corporate. This stock is listed in France. Over the past year, 53 levels acted as strong resistance. Stock might be completing a year-long base.


Wacker Chemie AG is a Germany-based company engaged in chemical industry. The Company operates through four business segments: WACKER SILICONES, which produces silicone products, ranging from silanes through silicone fluids, emulsions, elastomers, sealants and resins to pyrogenic silicas; WACKER POLYMERS, which offers a range of polymeric binders and additives; WACKER POLYSILICON, which provides polysilicon, and WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS, which is the life science division of the Company, offers solutions and products for the food, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. While this base formation does not have the perfect symmetry between the left and right shoulders, it is clear from the chart that the horizontal resistance at 86 levels will be critical in the coming weeks. Breakout above 86 will be bullish.




Global equities get a boost from both S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial averages breaking out to all-time high levels. In mid-July, S&P 500 index cleared the strong resistance at 2,125 and recorded an all-time high. This was followed by two weeks of consolidation in a very tight range. With Friday’s strong close it is likely that U.S. equities and global equities in general will resume their up trends in the following months.


On the weekly chart, the resistance at 2,125 levels will now become support. Upward break from the year-long consolidation will gain momentum and resume higher as long as the index remains above 2,125 levels.


On the daily scale, low volatility registered by contracting Bollinger bands suggests a strong directional move is likely to follow. A breach of the upper band in the following trading sessions will confirm this.


MSCI ALL COUNTRIES WORLD INDEX, that captures large and mid-cap representation across 23 Developed Markets and 23 Emerging Markets countries, formed a clear upward trend channel. Long-term uptrend resumes between the boundaries of this channel with the historical high standing at 443 levels.


The weekly chart of the MSCI All Countries World index is more constructive and suggests a year-long H&S bottom is now completed. Price target for the H&S bottom stands at 460 levels. 2015 high level is at 443 levels. Breakout from this bullish chart pattern can target 443-460 area in the following months. Failure to remain above 405 levels will negate this bullish outlook.