Aksel Kibar (CMT)

Hi, I’m Aksel Kibar. Thanks for finding my blog.

I’m a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) with more than 15 years of experience as a classical chart trader and global equity market analyst. I’ve worked for various companies throughout the GCC and MENA regions during much of that time.

However, in 2017, I began focusing on managing accounts for clients, traders, and investors. And in this blog, I’ll disclose my analyses and suggestions about investment opportunities you should take advantage of.

A Love of Numbers from a Young Age

For various reasons, I’ve always loved math and the graphical representation of numbers. Numbers just intrigued me. So I started my financial career in 2001 when I started as an assistant technical analyst for Yapi Kredi Bank, one of the largest publicly owned banks in Turkey.

For four years, I did grunt work that involved long hours and lots of reading and research. However, I learned the basics of technical analysis during this period, which helped me formulate my own strategies and methods.

While I was at Yapi Kredi, although I worked in a number of markets, my focus was on emerging markets – and I remain as addicted to emerging markets today as I was back then.

Canada Beckons

My work at Yapi Kredi bank taught me a lot, but I wanted more. So I moved to Montreal, Canada, to study economics and live in North America.

In Montreal, I attended the graduate program at Concordia University, where I got a Masters in Economics. It was a thrill for me to accomplish that goal – and it kept me on the path I wanted.

While studying for my Masters, I also attended and completed a training program to become a CMT. I received my designation as a CMT in 2005.

A Career in The Middle East

After completing my studies in Canada, I went to work at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the largest lending bank in Abu Dhabi and the second largest in the UAE. I worked in the asset management arm of the bank as a technical analyst.

I soon became senior technical analyst and portfolio manager, tasked with managing a UAE Trading Fund, a mutual fund offered through the bank to both institutional and retail investors, with assets of around US$350 million. My analyses and moves were all based on a careful, rigorous, systematic approach.

In 2009, I started at government-owned Abu Dhabi Investment Company, one of the oldest investment companies in the UAE.

As a portfolio manager at Invest AD (as it’s commonly called), my responsibilities included managing a MENA equity fund (focused on markets in Middle East and North Africa) as well as helping Invest AD devise various hedging strategies.

In 2015, I joined the National Holdings/Emirates International Investment Company, a private conglomerate instrumental in helping develop the following industries:

  • Finance
  • Light and heavy industry
  • Property development
  • Oil & gas
  • General trading

I managed proprietary investments utilizing information gathered from obsessive research and analysis on global equity, foreign exchange, and commodity markets.

How I Can Help You

One way is for you to get regular updates from me via email. Every day, I analyze 1000’s of charts and opportunities in global equities, commodities, and indices to find the best chart setups.

I’ve been a member of the Market Technicians Association since 2003 and have been a regular contributor to various websites dedicated to financial markets (and sometimes still contribute). I’ve been quoted on Bloomberg on MENA market outlooks.

At the beginning of 2017, I started out on my own, and I’m now dedicated solely to helping traders and investors like you with technical trading ideas in global equity markets.

In my free time, I read a lot. In fact, I sometimes get so absorbed that an hour passes before I realize it. Mostly, I analyze and review financial charts, although I also enjoy reading biographies and personal development books. When I’m not reading, I like to hit the outdoors for tennis and skiing.

If you’re ever in Bulgaria, be sure to come to the coastal city of Varna, “Jewel of the Black Sea”. My family and I will be happy to show you around town and maybe even get a dish of fresh seafood down on the golden sands of the beach.

Maybe we’ll even get in a few words about business and investing!