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·       Traders, analysts, and enthusiasts who want to learn about classical charting principles and how they are applied to global equity markets.

·       Equity market traders and fund managers who are looking for chart pattern breakout ideas in global equity markets.

Aksel looks at markets from a classical charting perspective. The body of knowledge for the chart work he is sharing can be found in Richard W. Schabacker’s Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits and Edwards and Magee Technical Analysis of Stock Trends books.

A weekly report will be sent out each weekend covering Global Equity Markets in Developed and Emerging Markets. The report will include stocks that are forming clear chart patterns that are candidates for a breakout, mostly with well-defined horizontal boundaries. The weekly report will include a watchlist with stocks from Americas, Europe, Middle East & Asia that Tech Charts is monitoring for possible breakouts. The report will also discuss the stocks that triggered new chart pattern breakout signals during the week (mainly from the stocks that are discussed under the watchlist over the weeks).

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If there is an important event during the week, Aksel will send out an interim report highlighting a developing opportunity. An interim update can be in a post or video format. In the Global Equity Markets report, breakout confirmation levels will be provided.

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A watchlist is a collection of selected stocks that have formed mature chart patterns with well-defined chart pattern boundaries. A watchlist expands over weeks as new stocks are included. Each weekly report will include new additions to the TechCharts watchlist. Reporting of stocks, ETFs and indices under the watchlist gives enough time for members to run their own due diligence on the security discussed before any significant breakout takes place.

TechCharts covers equity markets from around the world in Developed and Emerging Markets.

Americas (Developed & Emerging) 40%, Europe (Developed & Emerging) 25%, Asia (Developed & Emerging) 35%

As opportunities arise such as perfect well-defined chart patterns Aksel will add ETFs. Especially when a stock index is showing strength, he tries to attach the most liquid tradable ETF. If the opportunity pops itself Aksel will publish and draw attention.

Aksel covers emerging market equities and giving more weight as they show strength and breakout opportunities arise.

In India, his universe includes BSE SENSEX, NIFTY and NASTIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE OF INDIA including small cap stocks. I did post few alerts on PTC INDIA, JOHNSON CONTROLS-HITACHI AIR CONDITIONING, GAYATRI PROJECTS, SANGAM INDIA, and the Indian Equity Indices such as SENSEX and NIFTY.

Aksel hopes that there will be good chart setups in the near future that you can take advantage of. Please be informed that there will also be several educational videos that you can learn from and apply to your market of interest.

Breakout alerts is the section of the weekly global equity markets report that highlights the stocks that triggered a new chart pattern breakout signal.

Edwards and Magee in their book Technical Analysis of Stock Trends suggest that a stock should breakout by a 3% margin above the resistance (and record a daily close) for a clear chart pattern breakout signal. While this is the guideline Aksel is following in reporting new breakout alerts, each trader can have a different approach in evaluating a trade signal or a breakout confirmation.

Due to the number of exchanges covered and them being in different time zones and even having different trading days (Emerging markets in the Middle East and also Israel Tel Aviv Exchange trades on Sundays) a pro active e-mail for each breakout will not be sent out.

However, each opportunity that is highlighted in the watchlist will give enough time for members to act on the idea if they decide to. A breakout alert e-mail will be sent intra-week only if a stock hasn’t been covered in the past issues or if it is a major opportunity that will impact several markets such as an important breakdown on U.S. equities or a shift in trend direction in global equities.

The best way to keep track of chart patterns presented and stocks discussed can be:

1) Review the new watchlist candidates for the week and select the ones that are of interest. (Aksel adds a separate link next to the header of each stock that will direct you to Thomson Reuters to get more info on the stock in a single page; such as latest news, corporate actions, quick fundamental/valuation & company info, etc.)

2) Each chart pattern and idea that is discussed will have a breakout confirmation level reported in the text and also a chart pattern price target once the breakout is confirmed.

3) If there is a breakout on the names that are discussed in the watchlist, they will be featured in the breakouts alert section of the upcoming report.

There are several chart patterns that can be identified on price charts. Chart patterns with horizontal boundaries are rectangles, H&S top and bottoms, flags, ascending and descending triangles, cup with handle and H&S continuation. Chart patterns with diagonal boundaries are symmetrical triangles, rising and falling wedges, diamonds and pennants.

Chart patterns with horizontal boundaries are easier to identify on the price chart and breakouts form these type of chart patterns are more reliable. Aksel tries to focus as much as possible on horizontal chart patterns.

Aksel’s default time frame is weekly. However he considers breakout confirmation on a daily close above pre-determined levels. Aksel will feature chart patterns in duration between 3 months and 24 months.

Yes, Tech Charts Membership service has great educational content that explains the most important chart patterns in detail with Video tutorials. You can learn at your own pace. Novice traders will be able to read the reports and understand the logic behind each chart pattern interpretation with the help of extensive educational resources.

We often get specific questions related to the chart patterns featured by TechCharts. Such questions include, but are not limited to:

  • Where would you enter X security?
  • Where would you put your stop X after the breakout?
  • How do you determine how many shares of X security to purchase?

We want to be of assistance to all followers of Tech Charts, but providing specific advice on trading tactics would place our firm into possible violation of the regulatory authorities in numerous jurisdictions. Even without regards to regulatory matters, trading tactics must be subject to an individual investor’s level of capitalization, investment goals, risk tolerance, time schedules and other factors.

Tech Charts mission is to identify certain classical chart configurations in global equity markets and to educate followers on the finer points of classical chart construction.

The TechCharts membership is non-refundable. We have priced the service to be affordable for everyone and we offer too much upfront, timeless content, such as a library of educational videos the day you join.

There are educational videos on the 8 most common chart patterns Aksel identifies on charts when highlighting opportunities in global equity markets. Aksel will refer members to past examples of chart pattern developments, breakouts and the path a successful and failed breakout should follow.

We are planning more videos for educational purposes in the future.

Sample videos are available on Tech Charts YouTube channel:

No, Tech Charts presents patterns that set up — it is up to subscribers to make tactical calls.

TechCharts does not recommend any brokers/dealers. There are many factors that come into play when selecting a broker, such as:

  1. Countries of operation
  2. Access to global markets
  3. Access to futures, equities and forex
  4. Trading platform — and access to technical charts
  5. Minimum account size
  6. Fees
  7. Clarity and usability of financial statements
  8. Service and technical support
  9. Record of complaints from customers
  10. History of non-compliance issues with regulators

TechCharts encourages investors and traders to conduct a thorough review of these and other pertinent issues when selecting an appropriate broker/dealer through which to conduct trading.

Yes, all TechCharts Memberships are on auto-renew for your convenience. If you’d like to cancel your membership please use our “contact us” form.

No, we offer too much archived and educational information to members on day one.  Plus we strongly believe that Tech Charts is well under-priced for the type of content and frequency it is provided.  We have purposely priced the service to be affordable for all aspiring and veteran traders.

If you are interested to become certified in technical analysis you can check CMT ASSOCIATION. You will also find a good reading list on their website for exam preparation.

Yes, you can email Aksel using our Contact Us form, under the support tab. Because of the amount of emails we receive, not all emails will be addressed.

Starting summer 2020 a PDF version will be attached to all Reports.