Short-Term Chart Patterns Tech Charts Webinar

Please enjoy this Tech Charts Member webinar recorded live December 12, 2019

Short-Term Chart Patterns – December 2019 Tech Charts Webinar

This webinar is a discussion on chart patterns that develop and complete on a short-term time frame, in the duration between 1 month to 3 months.

Webinar Outline

  • We will review some of those chart pattern breakouts that were featured in the Global Equity Markets report
  • We will review some of the conditions that are required for successful completion of different chart patterns both on daily and weekly time frame
  • We will look at some of the developing chart patterns
  • We will have a member Q&A at the end of the webinar

Live questions from Members  

  1. Do you use MA or EMA? 50:33
  2. I wanted to check if it is possible for you to include in your weekly report a performance of setup of your charts? 51:02 (Webinar mentioned A review of the most reliable chart patterns Tech Charts Global Equity Markets report featured over the past two years – September 2019 Tech Charts Webinar)
  3. Can the ascending or descending triangle be trend reversal patterns? 51:37
  4. Can you discuss success rates for weekly setups vs. daily? 52:37
  5. If the handle is a bit above the cup is the breakout level above the cup or above the handle? 53:48
  6. When you post a breakout alert on the website, is the red number dotted line a negation level or your initial stop loss? 54:17
  7. What’s the ATR setting you use and do you check and adjust stops on a daily basis? 54:45 (Helpful link ATR Trailing Stop-Loss – H&S Top)